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Crank <3


2; Matchbook romance;;styx
3; Chicago;;Newsies
4; I'm a very talented singer/actress and I would love to someday be on broadway...I know I could make it because I have a unique look and the confidence to do what ever my heart desires. And even though I look like I'm 12; I am ONE SEXY 12 year old!!! I'd do me...
5; I look like I'm twelve. If I don't have plans I will probally sit in my house all day with a box of Zebra Cakes. Pimples are from hell! I am not very photogenic...as you may be able to see by these crappy quality photos...damn you broken scanner
6; I'm 1/2 Jewish. I have an unatural obsession with Catherine Zeta-Jones. I don't like letuce.
7; I will put a link in my own rating communitypretty_ladies_


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all i have to say is And even though I look like I'm 12; I am ONE SEXY 12 year old!!! I'd do me...

sounds like child molester material
but only cause your pictures sucked. :\
- your bands
- chicago
+ newsies
+ your name
- same quote as breath3air...same reason...pedophile
- crappy photos...get better ones and try again cuz i would say yes.

good luck. =)
the fact that you'd do yourself, and that you look like you're 12 was rather disgusting.

maybe if your pictures improved, i'd give y ou a different answer. goodluck.
because of your bad pictures. if you try applying again with better ones, i might say yes.
Only because you spelt probably like this: probally.
your name is awesome.
but this isn`t an
"awesome names" community is it?
though an awesome names community would be an awesome idea!
get some new pics and try again, you never know. sorry.