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ok, i'm finally back. i got home from vacation on friday but my internet wasn't working so my dad fixed it this morning.

in front of a mexican restaraunt.

on lake michigan in frankfort, michigan.

the lighthouse on lake michigan in frankfort.

put-put golfing.

swinging on the beach.

on the jungle jim by where we were staying in beulah, michigan.

crystal lake (the beach across the street from where we were staying).

bathing suit pics.

dressed up in skirts and ready to go to dinner.

sunset at lake michigan.

point betsie on lake michigan.

where we stayed.
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I've never seen a real light house

very cute pics <3
the light house picture is my favorite.
hahahha, i live right where you were .
i was so bored while i was up there. i was wishing that i knew people out there.
damn. yeah, michigan isn't exactly a vacation spot if you ask me.