veronica (adickted) wrote in detour_dig,



1; name age location. Veronica. 15. San Diego, CA
2; two(2) bands. partisans and the adicts
3;two(2) movies. A League of Their Own and Animal House .
4; compliment my lips, they're not too big or too small. they suit me.
5; degrade  my chipmunks suck ass. they are too big and i cannot have short hair cuz then my face looks bloated. lol
6; some interesting facts. i'm born on my dad's birthday, i play softball and volleyball, and i can quote just about every line from In theArmy Now (pauly shore movie)
7; promote                                                   8;


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I think you're cute... even if your app. was kind of boring
yes, you're very pretty!!
why not.
because you`re super cute
and we`re like best friends.
chyeah we are!
love ya !!!
you're gorgeous.
...but i hate a league of their own. [yawn]
You remind me of Evee from Thirteen.
i've never seen that movie.
Let's keep it that way.
horrible movie.i hate saying i own it but i bought it for 3 dollars and then watched it.
i was a little bored with your app and pictures, but you're still cute.
maby if you ahd better pictures of you
to be honest, your pictures arent that great. but ...