ignoring all these words that Im struggling to say (hawowthatsfunny) wrote in detour_dig,
ignoring all these words that Im struggling to say

stamped//pretty pictures in a magazine...everything is so make believe, it's true.

i'm definitely not a fan of forced studio pictures because i always look like crap...and senior portraits took an hour. the lady was seriously blinding me with the constant flashing, but this is their yearbook choice... so yay.

i'm loving the swim suit tan line...but i shouldn't complain...i never like yearbook pictures...so why should this be any different? =)

adios, kids.

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you look beautiful
the tanline just adds to your glamorous smile
awe. thanks.
i'm hoping i can get touch-ups and get the tan line kinda blended or whatever they do....
lol, whatever you wish
but i think the tanlines look awesome
i have a lot of different tanlines myself
so maybe im just used to them
yeah...i'm pretty used to them
i dont feel like paying for touch-ups...
so they'll probably stay
not a fan of the tan lines but they can get rid of them. you still look awesome! <3
you look so gorgeous in that picture! and they can get rid of those tanlines.
thank you!!